Rumble Museum's Pompeian Street at the Ashmolean Late Opening

On Friday 25th October, the Rumble Museum Student Council took over the Randolph Sculpture Gallery at the Ashmolean Museum to run activities and performances themed on a Pompeian street. The students designed a range of fun street stalls, including the opportunity to make a Roman mosaic of the famous Cave Canem image, jewellery making and artefact handling using objects from the Rumble Museum collection.

Rumble artefacts included a quern stone (used for milling flour at the many Pompeian bakeries), Roman furniture fittings, a dice, mortaria fragments (used in Roman kitchens for grinding herbs) and mosaic tiles. We also brought some pumice stones from Mt Vesuviius.

A trio of Cheney students played music on the lyre, flute and tambourine throughout, creating an atmospheric sound in the gallery. Students also wrote and performed a play of a Pompeian street scene, involving a thief stealing bread from a thermopolium (a Roman snack shop).

We brought our large model of the House of the Tragic Poet, made by model-maker Nicholas Wood for a TV documentary. Visitors enjoyed exploring the house layout, and peering into the highly decorated rooms. 

We are very grateful to the Ashmolean for giving us the beautiful Randolph Gallery to run a Pompeian street. The students did a brilliant job of engaging the many visitors who came through.