Museum Council Project with History of Science Museum

On Thursday 30th January, The Rumble Museum Student Council visited the History of Science Museum to install items, and display boards which they have chosen and designed, into two brand new cabinets. The cabinets are now on display to the public in the museum.
Over the past couple of months, the Museum Council have chosen artefacts connected to calculation to display, and designed stories and text which will engage visitors with the artefacts they have chosen. One group chose to explore the evolution of numbers and counting, starting with very early systems such as Linear B, and looking at devices such as a Shepherd's Tally. The other group has decided to explore Charles Babbage's Difference Engine, and thought about striking design ideas to make their cabinet appealing. The groups wrote the text, drew designs, and even made some replica examples and a timeline display stand.


The students submitted their text and designs to the History of Science design and curatorial team, who then created museum standard display boards and sourced some of the items. On Thursday afternoon, the students had an hour to carefully cut out the boards, and install their objects and text labels into the two display cases.  

Well done to all the students involved for their hard work and creativity!

We are very grateful to Chris Parkin and the History of Science Museum for involving us in such an exciting and stimulating project.