Rumble Museum Receives Arts Council Accreditation

We are delighted to announce that on 12th March, the Rumble Museum at Cheney School became the first Arts Council Accredited Museum in a UK school, as it was awarded Full Accreditation by the Arts Council. 

Over the past few years, the Museum has been growing throughout the corridors and classrooms of Cheney School, in Oxford, a large comprehensive secondary school, in a very diverse area, where over 30% of the students have English as an additional language, and over 30% of students are on free school meals. 
The Rumble Museum at Cheney School is a unique partnership between an educational charity and a school. The Iris Project, a charity which promotes learning about the ancient world, is working with Cheney School to grow a museum within a school. 

The museum has a wide collection of original and replica artefacts, from Greek and Roman coins, lamps and vases, and Egyptian papyrus fragments, to very modern items, like an iPod. It's largest collections are Greek and Roman. There are two very active student Museum Councils who develop and drive forward new projects and displays, and a wide range of events, workshops and other opportunities for the wider public to explore the collections within the school. 
The Museum is named after Jamie Rumble, a young man who devoted his life to improving the lives of young people.

This week, to celebrate the Rumble Museum's Future Season, eight six foot robot models were installed at Cheney School by the Rumble Museum, each designed by a different Cheney student to represent some aspect of the future, from climate change and emergency, to the future of cooking and medicine. You can see all eight robots here.