Tree Letters Project with Gabriel Hemery

This year, the student Museum Council is creating a virtual tree trail which will enable visitors to explore the beautiful trees on site at Cheney online. You can find out more about this project's progress here.

As part of this initiative to celebrate Cheney's trees, we are also grateful to be involved in a really exciting project with local forest scientist Gabriel Hemery called Tree Letters. Gabriel is planting a number of capsules around the country on different trees. Each capsule contains a letter which Gabriel has written to the tree, and a link to a website with a password, which enables people to write their own letters in response. These letters can be written about any tree. One of these capsules is on site at Cheney. You can also find the letter and the link posted below.

We are inviting our Year Seven students at Cheney to write a letter to one of the trees on site at Cheney - it can say anything you want, or it could be a poem instead of a letter. It might imagine what it's like to be a tree on site at Cheney: what the tree sees each day and how long it might have been growing there. There is no word limit. If you prefer, you can submit a piece of artwork.

Please email your entries by 5th March to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

We would like to publish these letters on our virtual Tree Trail. We would also like to pass these letters to Gabriel Hemery who will publish them on his Tree Letters website and choose some to be published in a Tree Letters book! We will need parent or guardian permission to do this.

We are very grateful indeed to Gabriel for involving Cheney in his tree capsule project, and being involved in our Tree Trail project this year.