British Butterflies Mosaics Project

This term, the Museum Council students are exploring butterflies and moths through our collection of beautiful British butterflies on display in Brighouse.

The students are taking part in a mosaics project to brighten up the outside walls of the school and to show off some of the amazing native butterflies through eye-catching mosaics. Each student has picked a favourite butterfly from the collection, and they are working every Monday afternoon with local mosaicist Clare Goodall to create mosaics of their chosen butterflies. These will then be cemented to the walls outside the school. The students have chosen well-known butterflies such as the peacock, red admiral and brimstone, as well as some other stunning butterflies such as the comma, common blue, small copper, chalkhill blue, clouded yellow and orange tip. One butterfly chosen from our collection, the black-veined white, has sadly now become extinct in Britain.

As well as the mosaics project, the students will all be taking part in a Moth Night at Cheney on 10th July. We have a few places available on the Moth Night, and welcome any applications from students in any year groups who have a particular interest in moths to get in touch with me on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.