African Artefact Community Event

On Friday 16th July, we were delighted to welcome a range of students, staff, parents and other visitors to explore our African artefacts collection for the first time.

In December last year, we were gifted an extensive and fascinating collection of artefacts from a range of countries in Africa, and over the coming months, we are working with Natty Mark Samuels, founder of the African School, the Earth Museum and groups of students and community members of African heritage, to create striking displays, and resources around these artefacts.

Yesterday, visitors were able to read Natty Mark Samuels' poems on each of the items, and experience interactive workshops, which included poetry readings and chanting, as well as geography quizzes! We also collected ideas about how and where the artefacts might be displayed.

We are very grateful to Natty Mark Samuels, and to everyone who attended, and we will be holding more events to display our collection over the next few months.

You can hear some of the group chanting of one of Natty's poem's here: