Ramallah Visitors at the Rumble Museum

On Tuesday, we were privileged to welcome Refa, Adam, Aya Safi and Minna to the Rumble Museum and Cheney, where they spoke to Year Nines and Year Twelves about their experiences of life in a refugee camp in Ramallah.

The visit was organised by the Oxford Ramallah Friendship Association (ORFA). The visitors were linked to the Women’s Centre in the Al Amari Camp, and included two young people from the Al Amari Refugee Camp UNRWA schools.

They spoke about what daily life was like, the sorts of things they did at school and at home, and the challenges they faced every day in the camp. Students were able to ask questions and also watch a short video giving further insight into life in the camp in Ramallah. We are very grateful to Refa, Adam, Aya Safi and Minna for all their time speaking with our students.