Tree Trail Open Morning

On Saturday morning, our Year Eight Museum Council students ran a broad and creative variety of stalls and activities amongst our beautiful trees and new tree trail signs for visitors of all ages to come and enjoy. There was potato printing, butterfly cakes, duck fishing, tree riddles and more, as well as tree trail guides to follow, and students ready to tell people more about the trees.

As part of the Art Fund's national Wild Escape project, the Rumble Museum was delighted to be awarded a grant towards working with local school children to introduce our trees and butterflies, and to design and create six beautiful, permanent tree trail signs on site. These signs where designed by our Year Nine Museum Council students, who chose the trees they wanted to spotlight to visitors.

You can find out more about our trees on our website here, and also listen to some of the staff and celebrities who have given their voices to the trees!

Well done to our amazing Year Eight team, and thank you to everyone who came to explore!