Street Art Placard donated by Will Gompertz

We are delighted to receive an object for the Rumble Museum collection from Will Gompertz, BBC Arts Correspondent. Will has chosen an art placard which was made as part of Britain's first ever Performance Art Festival in May 2008. He organised this festival while he was working at the Tate. He said: "my life started when I began working at the Tate - everything began to make sense while living and working in the world of art and really loving it".

"Street Art" was a first-of-its-kind group exhibition which turned the Tate Modern's riverside façade into canvases by the artists. The show featured work by European Street Artists Blu, JR and Sixeart, São Paulo's Nunca and Os Gemeos and American collective Faile. As part of this, artists made art placards which were put up around the streets, and people were able to collect these and take them to get them signed by the artists. Will had been given an art placard that had not been found by the end of the festival, and he has chosen this placard, created by artists Eltono and Nuria, to donate to the Rumble Museum.

He said "I felt that it fitted perfectly with what the Rumble Museum at Cheney School is doing - putting community engagement and public display at the heart of its role. The Street Art Festival did exactly that, bringing in over 100 000 people in the course of a week in a celebration of art, humanity and ideas. The festival was so successful that when the new Tate Modern building was built, it made performance and engagement the single biggest role in its estate".

You can listen to a voice recording of Will Gompertz introducing his chosen object here:

The object will be available to view at the Rumble Museum from July.