My Great Grandfather, Harry Manktelow

We are delighted to introduce a guest post by Alice Wilson, Year 8 at Cheney School. The Year 8s are currently doing projects on World War Two in their History lessons, and Alice has been exploring her own family’s involvement and experiences of the war.






Harry Manktelow was born on the 2nd of June 1912.He had three brothers and a sister. Unfortunately his little sister died when she was 6 months old, and his dad died when he was only 6 years old.


The oldest brother was a foot man from 14 years old at Lambeth palace. He and his brothers use to make crystal radios, and bike to Hastings and climb on the cliffs.He was born in Dover but grew up in Tenter, Kent.


When they were first called up he was a gunner.They use to be on Beaches in Northumberland.The guns were old so wouldn’t fire. It was always cold but the local people looked after them.


He learned Morse code and became a radio operator. He then got married on the 19th June 1941.Not long afterwards he went to India. The Boat had to go to Africa and then India, although they did get to go to Cape Town.


In India they went to Calcutta.Then, they went North and stayed there for the rest of the war. They walked through rivers up to there chests with rifles above their heads. He also had to drive a truck.


I was told this information by my nan for my WW2 project.