13th Century Arabic Ophthamology Manuscript Pages

We have a a plate of two pages from a thirteenth century ophthalmology maunscript in our History of Medicine Collection. It has been loaned to our collection by Emilie Savage-Smith, retired Professor of the History of Islamic Science.

It shows the instruments required by a thirteenth century ophthalmologist, as illustrated in The Sufficient Book on Ophthalmology, written in Syria between 1257 and 1275 by Khalifah ibn al-Mahasin as-Halabi.

The top row (right to left) illustrates three types of scissors, two tools for keeping eyelids open, a sheathed scalpel, various hooks, four cauterising tools, a probe, and small forceps. The middle row contains four instruments for excising cysts and other growths, a small hatchet for phlebotomy, a razor knife, two lancets, a round and hollow cataract needle, a narrow tube for uprooting tumours and a hook and needle. The bottom row includes additional forms of lancets and scrapers, along with tweezers for removing foreign bodies, and various tools for dispensing eye ointments.

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