Agaseke baskets

We have an agaseke basket in our collection.

Agaseke is a type of traditional Rwandese woven basket. It has a flat, round base, and a conical fitted lid. It is made of native natural fibres with patterns in purple, green, black, yellow, and red. There are many different patterns that can be displayed on the sides of the agaseke.

These baskets are used for holding gifts and food when visiting friends or attending a wedding. Because of this, they have become a symbol of peace and goodwill amongst friends and families. They are lidded, and incredibly tightly woven, which protects against pests and weather.They take a long time to make, and are made by women. Being able to make them shows great dedication to friends and family, and attention to detail. They are often given to brides to wish them good luck.

They have become symbols of feminine power, and are therefore often used in women's traditional dances . The dancers proudly show their baskets to the audience.