Suffrage Society Meeting Poster and Membership Card

We have a poster and membership card for an East Herts Women's Suffrage Society meeting in our Women's Suffrage Collection.

The poster advertised the fourth annual meeting for the Society, stating its date as October Wednesday 27th at 3.30pm at St Andrew's House, Hertford. It then lists a brief agenda for the meeting, including a presidential address, adoption of the annual report and accounts, elections of various roles, and a speech.

It ends with the slogan: "WOMEN AS CITIZENS IN WAR & PEACE".

The membership card states: "Law-abiding Suffragists" at the top, distinguishing the group from the militant WSPU campaigns. The print then reads: "I am a friend of Women's Suffrage", followed by a signature of "Ursula Barclay".

The suffragists' main activities included meetings, letter-writing, marches and posters, and there were branches across Britain which organised local women and men to take part in these activities.