Model Dragonflies at Cheney: Natural History and Art Trail

We are holding a large community Festival of Natural History, Art, Classics & More on March 27th 2019 from 3.30 until 6pm at Cheney School to celebrate the Rumble Museum at Cheney as it completes the Arts Council Accreditation process. The event's keynote speaker is Will Gompertz, BBC Chief Arts Correspondent.
As part of this celebration, we are creating an exciting new piece of public art in the form of a model Dragonfly Trail around the site. These dragonfly models will each have their theme designed by Cheney students to represent different areas of learning and and they will be permanent so that students, staff, and the wider community can explore them for years to come. They will be striking, colourful and educational works of art which will inspire the very diverse community of East Oxford and beyond.
There will be eight large dragonflies in our trail on site at Cheney School. We are also creating smaller ones for local primary schools to theme and bring for the day of the festival to be included in the trail on the day. East Oxford Primary, Bayards Hill, St Mary & St John, St Andrew's, St Ebbe's and Windmill will all be involved.
The designs for the dragonflies are displayed on the Dragonfly Trail website. The large, permanent models with be installed at Cheney School in March ready for the Festival. Each dragonfly will have display boards to note the artist, the meaning behind the design, the sponsor, and QR links to museum pages exploring dragonflies from a natural history, artistic and literary perspective.
We are looking for businesses and organisations who might like to sponsor a dragonfly by providing some of the costs towards the model. This sponsorship would be stated on a sign next to the dragonfly as well as on our website, and on the trail maps and brochures we produce. You can choose which themed dragonfly you would like to sponsor if you would like to do so. 
If you would be interested in supporting this initiative at such an exciting juncture in the museum's development, we would be delighted to hear from you!