History of Medicine in 30 Objects

In September 2020, we are excited to be launching a pilot of a new project which will use objects from history to help deliver the Medicine Through Time module from Edexcel's History GCSE course.

This project will initially be trialled in Year Nine classes at Cheney School (where the Rumble Museum is housed) and the Weald School. Thirty objects representing five different time periods have been selected, and lessons and course materials are being developed in order to deliver lessons which use the objects as a way to recreate the time periods and explore the past. 

Each school involved will have access to either original or museum quality replicas of the objects which will be used for viewing and handling as part of the lessons.You can view our collection here. We are adding voice-overs from a range of experts to introduce each object.

Please visit this page again to see how the project is developing. If you are interested in being involved,This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..