British Butterflies

In June and July 2021, our Year Eight Museum Council each chose a favourite butterfly from our British Butterflies Collection and worked with local mosaicist Clare Goodall to create individual mosaics of each of the butterflies. The group installed the mosaics on an outside wall on C Block over the summer holidays.

From left to right, the butterflies are: brimstone, peacock, comma, common blue, red admiral, small copper, holly blue, chalkhill blue, black-veined white (now extinct in Britain), orange tip, wall brown, and large white.

From left to right, our student artists are: Tess Gimson, Scarlett Parsler, Cherie Liu, Rachel Robinson, Anna Deakin, Drew Milne, Catriona Baxter, Izzy Wearden, Imo Robinson Vilain, Adam Diesel, Logan Cameron, and Binamra Shrestha.