"Museum of Climate Hope" Project

The Museum of Climate Hope project is an exciting new project led by Bill Finnegan from the University of Oxford's School of Geography and the Environment. The project will create a digital trail across the six different University of Oxford locations in the city.  There will be one object in each place. Cheney’s  Rumble Museum has been invited to be the seventh location for the trail!

In order to choose our own objects for the trail, our Museum Councils drew up a shortlist of five possible objects to include in the trail. Every student at Cheney then had the opportunity to vote on which object best represents the theme of Climate Hope!

We also gave the wider community the chance to cast their vote on the five shortlisted objects from our collections. The objects chosen can be viewed below with text from our Museum Council students on why they have chosen the items.

Object 1: Harvester Vase, Minoan, Crete

"This was chosen as it shows the importance and celebration of the harvest in an ancient civilisation, and reminds us of our interdependence with the rest of nature."




Object 4: British Butterflies Collection

"Butterflies are an important part of our eco-system and the collection celebrates their beauty and reminds us of their importance."






Object 5: Roman Wax Tablet

"These tablets were used in Roman ‘schooling’. The wax was melted down and then they were re-used - so the object represents the possibilities of re-using and recycling."





Please cast your vote on which object you think most represents climate hope and should be part of the new digital trail using this form.

We will announce the results of both the community and student vote shortly!