Iris Festival of the Future, 25th March 2020

 We are delighted to announce the Iris Festival of the Future on 25th March, 2020.

 This will be a large community event celebrating our Future Season at the Rumble Museum, which explores a range of exciting technologies and themes, and ancient and modern ideas about the future. A full brochure can be downloaded here.

 There will be several discovery zones including: Classics and Archaeology, Robotics & Artificial Intelligence, Medicine, Architecture and Design, Environment, and Science Fiction. Each zone will contain activities, stalls, exhibitions, workshops, and a wide range of visiting museums with artefacts to handle and explore. There will be robot shows throughout the event, a driverless car, dance performances, and a cafe serving refreshments and hot and cold drinks.

Pop-up Museum Cafe at St Alban's Church

We are running an exciting project to open the historic building of St Alban's Church in East Oxford to the public.

Come and explore the fascinating history, art and architecture of this beautiful building, or simply drop to meet up and enjoy tea and cake at our pop-up cafe!

Each week, we bring different artefacts and activities from our collections to handle and find out about.

January and February's cafes are themed on classical myths, and include:

Saturday 18th January, 10am - 1pm
The Story of the Labyrinth: artefacts & activities

Saturday 25th January, 10am - 1pm
The Story of Arachne: artefacts & activities

Saturday 1st February, 10am - 1pm
The Story of Orpheus: artefacts & activities

Saturday 8th February, 10am - 1pm
The Story of Circe: artefacts & activities

Saturday 15th February, 10am - 1pm
The Story of Apollo & Daphne: artefacts & activities

Saturday 22nd February, 10am - 1pm
The Story of Cupid and Psyche: artefacts & activities

This is a secular project to open up a historic building, and develop museum learning and community friendship.

The address of the church is:

St Alban's Church, Charles Street, Oxford, OX4 3AH

The cafe is drop-in, with no need to book  in advance.

Please get in touch for more information on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.