"Stories through Objects" Radio Series: Episode 4 Echo and Narcissus

Over the next few weeks, the Rumble Museum is making a series of shows called "Stories through Objects" for Radio Cherwell, the Oxford Hospital Radio Service. Each show explores a different story, and use objects from our collection and songs to journey through the themes, characters and places in the stories. The shows are aired each week at 1.30pm on Fridays and then repeated at the same time on Mondays.

Our first show is themed on Homer's Odyssey. You can find the voice audio, playlist and featured objects below.


Show 4: Echo and Narcissus

The Roman poet Ovid merged these two tragic tales of unrequited love together. Find out more about the origin of echoes and self-love in the show below!

Audio (without songs):


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


Songs featured:

Echo by Verite

You're So Vain by Carly Simon

The Memo by Father John Misty

Mud and Dark by the Cocteau Twins


Objects from our Collection featured:


Art Nouveau Nymph Picture Frame

Black Figure Plate

Art Nouveau Narcissus Ladle