Museum Council Project with History of Science Museum

This term, the Lower School and Sixth Form Rumble Museum Councils have been having the opportunity to work closely with Chris Parkin from the History of Science Museum. The Museum have tasked the Rumble Museum Student Councils to create two new display cabinets which will be unveiled on the ground floor of the Museum in December or early January.
The lower school students have been working in two different groups, and have been choosing artefacts connected to calculation to display, and designing stories and text which will engage visitors in the artefacts they have chosen. One group has chosen to explore the evolution of numbers and counting, starting with very early systems such as Linear B, and looking at devices such as a Shepherd's Tally. The other group has decided to explore Charles Babbage's Difference Engine, and have been thinking about striking design ideas to make their cabinet appealing. 
The Sixth Form Council have been tasked with making a display in the top gallery which will link to the two new cabinets, so they have been exploring what the two lower school groups have been planning, and working out how to link to these ideas.

We are very grateful to Chris Parkin and the History of Science Museum for involving us in such an exciting and stimulating project. Watch this space for news about the finished cabinets and public unveiling!