Replica Corinthian Helmet

This type of helmet is known as a 'Corinthian helmet' by archaeologists because the goddess Athena is shown wearing it on Corinthian coins from its period of use (7th - 3rd Century BC). This style of helmet was also frequently featured on the decorative vases. 

This replica helmet was created based on an original Italo Corinthian style helmet that can be seen in the Pitt Rivers museum in Oxford (more detail here). The original has a large hole in the temple, presumably the result of battle. This helmet was created especially for the Museum and Iris Classics Centre at Cheney by Matt Lukes at Fabrica Romanorum. At some of our events, members of the public are able to try this helmet on!

As with the original, it was raised from a single sheet of bronze. You can see how in the following pictures.

The blank after a generic bowl shape has been beaten into it:

After the initial shaping, but before any cutting out:

With much more detail added and the eye holes cut out:

Finished, with the nasal and the eye holes thickened up to add rigidity and strength. Polished to remove scale and marks and show off its beauty!