Museum Art Installation Project with Artist Jane King

This term, Rumble Museum Council students are working on an exciting new art installation project with artist Jane King and Extinction Rebellion Food & Farming. They are designing and creating new art installations to represent the impact of food and farming on the environment. These will be installed in time for our Festival of the Future on 25th March where hundreds of visitors will be able to see it.

The project began in January when local artist Jane King and fine art student from Brookes University, Lydia Hall, introduced some of the important issues surrounding food production, including intensive farming practices, and the ways in which supermarkets and food producers control farmers and farmland. These have caused a massive impact on the natural environment, and created an urgent need for regenerative farming and carbon capture schemes.

Introducing these issues then led to discussions of how to create installations which might be attractive and appealing, and which might convey the issues caused by the food industry. The group eventually settled on creating a few different installations: hanging giant baubles in the shape of sweets from the trees on site to highlight both packaging and also issues with "ultra-processed" food; creating fish in netting, and a basket of chips, to represent the fact that most of the plastic in the ocean is caused by fishing debris; and finally a cascade of receipts to represent how much we buy at supermarkets.

The students have sourced the materials for the displays - all of which will be made from rubbish - and have started work on their installations.