Labyrinth Season at the Rumble Museum

Some of our Rumble Museum Council students dedicated a day of their summer holiday to painting a large medieval-style walkable labyrinth on site at the school ready for the school’s Rumble Museum season of labyrinth themed events next term.


The permanent labyrinth was marked out by Haywood Landscapes, and then painted by the team of students from Years Nine through to Eleven ready to be walked by students, staff and visitors next week. Walking labyrinths are widely reported as having a range of well-being benefits, as well as being a fun and interesting feature with a complex and varied history.


The season of events run by the school’s Rumble Museum will include a range of speakers exploring labyrinths through history, from the labyrinth at Knossos in Crete which was famously imagined in Greek myth to imprison the Minotaur, to modern versions and their uses in a range of locations today. There will also be workshops and projects, and a labyrinth themed afternoon of activities and stalls. The Rumble Museum has been kindly donated a set of beautiful display boards from the Ashmolean’s own recent Labyrinth Exhibition which will be put up on site this week for students and staff to enjoy.


Students had the following to say about the project:


“It was fun painting the labyrinth though quite hard getting the paint between the lines as it was very gloopy! I personally think that labyrinths are really interesting – their designs are so complicated and intricate.”


Rachel, Y10


Painting the labyrinth was really fun because it is such an unusual experience and it was great to get to together and work on it as a team. What I find interesting about labyrinths is the stories surrounding them.


Fiona, Y10


I guess Labyrinths are interesting because the idea of a maze is a basic idea but one that can be explored in many different ways. The idea of the labyrinth is one that has been changed throughout history in many different ways and that’s why I find such an interesting concept.


Oscar, Y10